Postgraduate Training in Co-Creational Psychotherapy

Programme Aims

The purpose of the training is to engage participants in developing a core consciousness and practice of Co-Creational Psychotherapy which they can incorporate into their existing professional practice. A central aspect of the programme is the conscious integration of the principles of the approach into their own personal and interpersonal lives.

Programme Objectives

The programme is primarily about the participants’ own inner course and from that place of consciousness applying the course principles to their work with clients. Participants’ own individual stories, case studies and peer practice are central to the training process. Also a prime focus will be listening to the experiences of the training leader and programme participants and engaging in and witnessing the co-creational psychotherapeutic approach in action. The training will be specifically designed to match the professional practice requirements and clientelle of the participants. 

Who May Apply for the Programme

The training is open to Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors who are interested in exploring a different approach to human suffering – their own and those who seek out their help.

Number of participants will be a maximum of 12.

Programme Content

  • The Co-Creational experience
  • The creative nature of human experience
  • The creative nature of human suffering
  • The genius of unconsciousness
  • The genius of consciousness
  • The creativity of fear
  • Real Self vs Screen Self
  • The unconscious creation of protective responses
  • Metaphor vs literalism
  • Unsafe Holding Worlds
  • All communication fundamentally is about Self
  • All communication from the Other is about the Other
  • The Me-You relationship
  • Suffering is a path, not a pathology
  • Emergence vs change
  • Emotions call for motion
  • Welfare and Emergency emotions
  • The Body as ally
  • No Enemy within 
  • What lies hidden behind Protective Thinking
  • Dreams as ally
  • Concept of re-enactment
  • The endless repetition of the mistake!
  • The creative nature of conflict
  • Enmeshment vs Separateness
  • Inhabiting Individuality
  • Co-creational relationships
  • Who do you bring to your client?
  • Who does your client bring to you?
  • The importance of patience
  • The Ocean of Protectors
  • The Sea of Tranquility
  • Safe Holding Worlds
  • Supports for emergence
  • Steps to consciousness
  • Living from Inside Out
  • Boundaries vs Protectors
  • The true nature of love


University College Cork, Western Road, Cork.


The programme fee is €1,500.

Certificate of Participation will be given on completion of the programme.

Reservation Details

To reserve your place on the programme please fill out the enclosed booking form and return with a non-refundable deposit of €500 to: Tony Humphreys, Institute of Co-Creational Psychotherapy and Education, Leadington, Midleton, Co. Cork. Please make cheques payable to Dr. Tony Humphreys.

Enquiries welcome by telephone or email.  


T: 021 4642394


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