Our approach in the practice is based on a potentiality model of human behaviour and its goals are to offer opportunities for individuals to deepen their sense of self and from that interior stronghold create more mature relationships with self and others. It is a co-creational approach in that it capitalises on the creativity of both the psychotherapist and the client.

At its core our approach has an appreciation of the individuality of the person seeking help, a recognition of the person’s power beyond measure, an affirmation of the sacredness and unconditional worth of the person and an awe response to the intelligent and creative ways that a person protects themselves in the face of the defensive behaviours of others. We seek to understand the substitute/defensive behaviours presented and create the safeties for the person to bring to consciousness what lies hidden – one’s true self.

The orientation is primarily non-directive – in that it relies on the relationship between the psychotherapist and the client to bring about the desired security and safety for the client to understand consciously what he already unconsciously knows. When the person makes the connection between how he relates to others is a mirror of how he relates to self, possibilities for new choices and new actions emerge.