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Parenting Classes

Through our Killarney Practice, it is our intention to hold a number of Parenting Classes throughout 2016. 

In our New Street premises, we can cater for groups of 10/12 adults. We are also aware that there are groups who have requested holding classes in other locations throughout the county and we are open to this also. Our preference is that groups would be no larger than 15.  We can offer a six week course which can be extended to ten weeks if participants desire to do so or indeed the ten week course can be organised from the outset.

Included in these sessions are topics such as:

  • All Parenting Starts with Self
  • Family Relationships and Feelings
  • Helping Children to Become Response-able – The Behavioural Development of Children
  • Family Communications
  • Children’s Challenging Behaviours
  • Parent’s Challenging Behaviours
  • A Different Kind of Discipline
  • Understanding Teenagers

Dates for upcoming courses:-

  •  Understanding Teenagers course- Tuesday February 16th-  10am – 12noon
  •  General Parenting course -  Tuesday March 1st  -   7pm – 9pm

Subject to demand additional dates (morning/evening) will be added. Booking is essential and currently the charge is €100 per person for six sessions and an additional €50 if classes are extended to ten sessions.

Getting support when life events, relationship challenges, parenting issues, depression, emotional traumas and much more undermine our well-being.

As human beings going through life we are often presented with challenges, some are on-going, some are unexpected, some have never been examined or understood, some are physical, emotional, intellectual, behavioural, sexual, social, spiritual and so on. It is how we respond to these challenges that determines our well-being or otherwise.

In our practice, we understand that everyone has a story, each individual is truly unique and has limitless potential to create new possibilities for themselves. With this in mind it is our desire to create the space and safety for individuals to share their stories thereby creating opportunities for reflection and new choices through developing a more loving relationship with self.

Contacts for New Street Killarney practice are as follows:-

  • Anita Hegarty - Co-Creational Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist : Mobile – (086) 3731142, Email –
  • Eileen Buckley -  Co-Creational Parent and Relationship Mentor : Mobile – (087)4129655, Email –

Our practice is run in association with Dr Tony Humphreys and Dr Helen Ruddle. Tony is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, national and international speaker. He is also the author of many books. Helen is a Counselling Psychologist and researcher who has published widely in the field of social policy. Phone (021) 4642394 Email:

Please note that Parenting Classes and other Relationship courses will be run at various times throughout the year.