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Hidden Treasures - The Best Kept Secrets Of Our Nature

Enjoy a one week retreat trip to Tinos Island, Greece, with psychologist Dr. Tony Humphreys. 

A leading speaker on individual, couple and family relationships, Dr. Humphreys has written seventeen best selling books and recorded a series of audio tapes and CDs on human development. His latest books are Relationship, Relationship, Relationship and Understanding Teenagers, Sometimes Wild, Always Wise, both co-authored with Dr. Helen Ruddle. 

The retreat trip will consist of a total of 15 hours of seminars over the course of five days and will: 

  • Explore Society’s best kept secrets about our true nature.
  • Reveal the impact of these secrets on our relationships with one another in society.
  • Illustrate the need for unconditional love as the fundamental motivating factor behind all of our relationships.
  • Lead us to discover with compassion the importance of story in understanding how we approach every relationship in which we are involved. 
  • Affirm us in the realisation that the Self is constantly creating our responses to life. 
  • Help us to understand that what arises in me is a loving creation of the Self and is about me and for me. 
  • Show how our inner wisdom is always lovingly guiding us along the path of life. 
  • Guide us in how to find loving support for the inner journey.

The retreat trip will include: 

  • Dublin afternoon flight.
  • Stay in Rafina Port area hotel overnight. 
  • Boat to Tinos, the following day, 7th June. 
  • 15 hour seminar on Monday to Friday - 3 hours a day. 
  • Apartments, self-catering and houses adjacent to beach.

The investment total will be approx. €1107 including: 

  • Retreat -  €300 plus other costs (subject to booking) as follows.
  • Flight - €338 (plus brokers fee €20)
  • Accommodation - €69 (1 night in Avra Hotel Rafina Port)
  • Accommodation - €300 (Five nights in Tinos)
  • Boat - €100 Return from Rafina Port to Island)

If you would like to join the retreat trip to Tinos Island, you can book your place today by contacting Siobhan at Culu events on 087 4633299 or email